A job is not to sell and Job Description is not a product

Published at Apr 12th 18, 15:16

Finding great talent is never easy. It is tough and sometimes, it can be a never-ending process filled with false promises and lack of information which frustrates everyone. This is true whether you're a first-stage seed Startup working from San Francisco, a software development company based in India. It's difficult to find the right talent.

Our Story

We have faced this issues during our initial growth phase and continuously as a Startup as our business expanded. We made the mistake that characterises every small business - we picked up a template online and modified it to suit our needs. Wow! It looked super cool on paper but the end result was a disaster.

Our HR Manager went through the first stage of the selection process with candidates and asked the right questions to learn more about the candidate's background, work experience, and their motivation.

At the second stage, we got the shocker of our lives. These candidates were not as confident as they were on their resumes. Some made it through to the second stage due to their past achievement and not their attitude. They also seem not to be prepared for the interview neither were they informed about the company or the role they were being interviewed for.

It raises a lot of questions about the process and we find out that what we could have done better as a team was to provide more information. We got most of these candidates confused by selling the perks of the job and not the role itself.

The Solution

After spending some time we figure out that this will not work as we have planned, we need to solve these problems with Job Description, candidate mid-set and our expectations.

Candidates being confused with the role

We have fixed the Job Description with exact skills we are looking for, why these skills matter and required in the role, what are the alternatives to those skills and the growth and learning opportunities in the role.

Candidates are not showing up for the interview

When you call somebody for a Job they make some assumptions about the company and role you are talking about. After the can they start digging into the shared details and try to match their expectations with their findings most of the time these findings are not in the favour which left them with low interest in the company or role. To fix these issues we have started attracting candidates by giving them Challenges as the first round of screening and hosted lots of Hackathon in the process. We have got candidates well inclined and interested to participate in the companies mission and vision.

Candidates lacking skills the role required

Candidates should not be judged based on what they have at the time but by the process, they have made there. If a candidate has the right attitude to learn and grow he will have those skills in the time you spent to find a perfect match and become an asset with the skills your role required along with the extras he already has, this helps us a lot to fill the open positions.

About Us

We are a startup and we don't have a big office space, lots of freebies and also we are not capable of paying more then what you deserve just to get you on onboard. But we have good clients and good projects lots of time to explore and a huge learning opportunity. We have a small but passionate team who work with us as a family and we coach them in every aspect possible.

We believe that everybody has a unique way of solving problems which might not the way you have but it's not their fault, it yours to not have enough understanding of the possibilities. We hire talent so that they can tell us how to do it right not we make them do what we wanted.