Importance of UX design and how to get it right

Published at Apr 12th 18, 15:33

It all began when developers wanted to create user-friendly computers with simple layouts. From there, the idea of graphical user interface (GUI) appeared and it became very easy for anyone to use a PC. There were icons, drop down menus and a host of other things that were attractive to the eye with easy description.

UI and UX have come a long way from beautiful screens to pages and buttons. Today, it's about how well a user interacts with a website, app or product. UI and UX have characterized how a user can get to point B from point A using the least amount of effort.

Does UI/UX Matter?

In today's fast-paced society, the most successful products will be the ones that make it easy for the consumer to find what they want as well as those that respond quickly and efficiently to queries.

The internet is now consumer-centric and this is what the whole idea of UI and UX is about. If your product takes too much time to install compared to your competitor's, be rest assured that the users will switch to your competitors.

There are a couple of concepts that are important in a user's experience with a product:

  • The processes they go through.
  • The sequence of actions they take while interacting with your product.
  • The thoughts that arise while using your product
  • The final experience or impression they take away.

Every company wants to do one or two things: create new revenue streams, enhance the brand and build customer engagement. When push comes to shove, there is nothing more important to your business than having an excellent user experience.

The right user experience will make users spend more time using the product, rave about your offerings on social media and share the experience with their close network.

A picture can change someone's mood, it can turn a soul. A well-developed user interface and user experience could be the difference between a startup that grows its bottom line and the ones that struggle too.

UI and UX are important. You need to design a product that stands out from the crowd and not just one that is good enough.

User Experience

For your product to stand among the greats, it needs to have a good UX.

This is how you get users to interact with you and some might even provide useful feedback on how you can improve further.

This type of feedback is critical as the users are the one using the product and they can tell you first hand the areas that need strengthening.

With a laser focus on user experience, your Startup will experience higher revenues and more retention of users. No one enjoys using a product with a poor UX and often times, they find it hard to have loyal users.

Once a user-centric product comes around with a better UX, the users will shift ground and use the new product.

Companies that focus on user experience lower acquisition costs and fewer complaints. If your user experience is awesome, your best form of marketing will be your customers.

User acceptance and adoption are critical to having a successful product and that is why having a professional development partner like Impulsive Web is important.

How do you accomplish a great user experience?

First, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. You also need to dig deep to understand why customers would abandon the current product in favour of yours.

You also need to find out what the user expects to get from using your product. Whatever their end goal is, your job is to make it as easy as possible for them.

During the testing stage, you should expect feedback from your initial tester to validate whether or not your assumptions were correct. During this stage, be careful not to overwhelm users with too many options that they won't need or use as well.

User Interface

User Interface is also important to the survival of your product. Your users might tell you they don't judge a book by its cover, but they do. We all do.

A well-executed design will sell a product before it's even built. From graphics and animations to a uniform layout and ease of use; user interface encompasses the credibility and ease of using the product without getting the user confused. You want them to be excited and happy while using your product not disgruntled or pissed off.

This is why we believe it is important you hire a professional development team that can focus on creating visually captivating and easy to use UI.

The user interface in the product is equally as important as what happens in the background for the final goal to be accomplished. This is the first step in designing an efficient and simple navigation interface which can then be tested using a minimum viable product.

It is generally recommended that our Minimum Viable Product should be deployed to a small group of testers (early adopters) for feedback and to gauge interest. MVP is a smart way of building a scaled-down version of the original product.

This saves you the cost of building a product that the customer might not value and it helps you maximize the information learned from the adopters.

At Impulsive Web, we break down every tiny detail and the functionality of the product which shows you what will happen behind the scenes when a particular button is clicked on.

By considering these factors, we can identify what the user interface needs to display for the user and what the product development team needs to do for the user experience to achieve the set goals.