LinkedIn - The good and bad of LinkedIn for business

Published at Dec 25th 18, 13:30

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most powerful social media tools for businesses. Its main pillars are partnerships via networking and media. Generally, it is assumed that LinkedIn is only for recruiters looking for the perfect match of candidates across several industries. But it can be used to far larger extent to benefit your business if only you know how to. Read on to understand why this social media tool can be a real blessing for your business.

LinkedIn as a platform to enhance your business awareness and goals.

The role of media in the enhancement of business goals cannot be undermined. LinkedIn apparently has 94.2% editors and journalists in it according to a survey which makes your business easily noticeable. It is a great networking tool and you can contact them or follow them. LinkedIn is the perfect place for personal branding in the case of Business to Business interactions.

LinkedIn for the business to form partnerships.

While networking, you enter into partnerships, refer clients or products, or tips to further your business interests. Mutual growth can be harbored by forming powerful alliances and leveraging complimentary services and products.

LinkedIn platform to fetch you deserving Clients from across the globe

Whatever the product or service LinkedIn can help you find the right takers. Successful marketers can find clients for their products irrespective of the size of the business. Methodical marketing can guide you to generate numerous leads and present your products before the decision makers. Good salesman skill includes 10% product and 90% methodology and LinkedIn gives you the right platform to sell. But if you are to believe only one side of the coin you might get a lopsided view! So, even though LinkedIn benefits businesses hugely, many consider it to be the bad boy of social media.

LinkedIn as a platform to network and ultimately increase your net worth.

People always view LinkedIn profiles before calling or connecting with you. It might soon take the place of the formal and trusted resumes. But not many know how to make the profile look agreeable and nice. Keywords that describe you should be selected carefully and repeated in the right places for you to be found out. The so-called keyword density can have a huge impact on your connections and networks.

LinkedIn as a platform to grow your business visibility and monetizing the audience.

LinkedIn is not like other social media tools where you can pop in once a month. Other business owners and your competitors are constantly putting put posts and generating interactions, it urges the necessity of similar interactions from you too. It is a subtle job market where you have to support your experience with facts and be precise. Constantly interacting with people is important.

Unhealthy environment?

Many users feel that LinkedIn is focused less on discussing issues and more on excitement and optimism. It is also looked upon as a place of spam from various industries. The wrong connections lead you into a volley of unwanted correspondences and communication. The social media site also publishes articles and introduced “influencers” which mostly includes personalities like Richard Branson, Bill Gates,] Oprah Winfrey and the Prime Ministers of different countries.