Your business can do wonders if you have Mobile app

Published at Jan 12th 19, 14:33

Android is gaining such immersive popularity that no one can deny of and so is the android play store apps. Every day more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated and around 100 billion downloads happen every year on play store.

  • Google Says There Are Now More Than 2 Billion Monthly Active Android Devices
  • According to the data, android holds 86.2 percent of the market, up from 82.2 percent in the year-ago quarter.
  • 1.5 million new Android devices are activated every day.
  • And India is the top grossing country in the number of most apps downloaded in any country.

As per the research every day a user touches his phone 2617 times and almost 70% of the screen time user spends on his mobile which makes the phone most viable for the advertisers and for your business too. An app can do wonders for your business and can help to drive huge revenue stream.

Smartphones are getting cheaper day by day and companies are investing hell lot of time and research to make the UI clean and user-friendly which is making smartphones popular even among the low skilled and uneducated community.

Low development cost and High revenue source:

 Almost every company in the software industry is focusing on Android development which is creating a very tough competition among themselves resulting low development cost. Also, Android is free for all, you can get numbers of SDK and libraries free which can help to get your app done in very less time. The cost you invest and the result you get has worth to it as you will have a billion customer out there whom your app can reach. Hiring a skilled team of Android developers can bring your app on top and you can reach out to the world. Less investment and great returns, no one can deny!!

Get user behavior and Get to know your customer:

 With your app, you can reach out customers everyday 24x7 and that can give you their behavior, you can interact with them with the help of push notifications, getting small surveys which can help you get to know the consumer in a way better manner and empowers you to serve the exact solution they need.  You can build a better customer relationship by providing them support and making yourself available on their hand tips

What to take care while building an effective app:

  • Target audience: You must know what kind of audience you need to target, and you need to prioritize the age and groups.
  • Speed: Your app should always respond quickly as nobody loves to wait or seeing the loading icon, the moment your app became unresponsive you have higher chances of losing the customer.
  • Use of social media: Make your app so that it can be connected through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. as social media has the power no one has these days. It can make your app go viral and get you huge customer base if done right.
  • Simple and intuitive UI: A clean UI and user-friendly UX is the key to your app, nobody wants to solve puzzles in using an app. Be sure to make this simple, interactive and self-teaching so that user does not have to muggle in using the app. Use clear fonts and a lot of white space which makes the UI clean and beautiful.

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