Data Science.

Data Science is an emerging field that is plagued by lurid, often inconsequential reports of success. The press has been all too happy to predict the future demise of the human race.


It is indeed surprising how the provable results of big data analytics made it an eye-catcher for a lot of enterprises. We offer analytical solutions that include customer analytics, data visualization, big data etc. of our project Marine Geotagging is a great example of the use of data analytics to handle 500 billion geo-coordinates. Read more...

Big Data

We believe that data is meant to serve the human race and not used to rule over them. Our goal is to revolutionize big data by making it simple.

Big Data- Volume, Variety and Velocity, that’s how we see it.


Need help in setting up the right infrastructure for big data platform.

Our experts have extensive experience in architecting, building, deploying and handling the complexity of Analytics requirements We help businesses to install, configure, productionize and gain results from their Hadoop and NoSQL infrastructure.