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Chemistry Wala, a custom CMS for Educational portal

Published at May 18th 18, 17:39

Chemistry, the science of exceptions” is exceptionally tough for most of us.

To make it little simpler Chemistry Wala came up with an idea to digitize the chemistry learning and provide all that is required on a single platform.

But when this incredible idea was put forward in the form of a website, in which all the content was a splatter on the user as soon as the website got loaded with the background color causing pain in eyes and where features like admin panel and user panel were missing, simply made it a heck of mess.

The real purpose of a website is to ease the business. But instead, it complicated the ‘complicated chemistry’ even more.

So, when we got this project we realized that the real problem was, it lacked the essence of being a website i.e. to provide ease of use and also it lacked the theme of chemistry. The early website was simply containing a lot of contents with a tacky background. Added to this, there was nothing specific about Chemistry Wala or chemistry.

To address the above mentioned two problems we first tried to make it look specific about Chemistry Wala by branding them and giving a face to their website through a logo.

It is nothing but the first letter of the website that is C of Chemistry Wala. But wait, that is the symbol for Carbon having atomic weight 6. Now do me a favour, put your device at a little distance and you will see that it also looks like the symbol of degree Celsius °C. Also, though I remember only a little of organic chemistry; but I do remember Carbon plays an important role in organic chemistry, after-all organic chemistry is all about carbon compounds.

So here comes the first exemplary work of our designer who portrayed “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” with a logo as simple as this which can hold the complex physical and organic chemistry altogether in a beautiful blended form.

This is another logo keeping Chemistry in chemistry-like fashion and giving another example of creative and innovative mind of the designer.

Then was the task of making the website look elegant and sophisticated. The whole UI and UX was changed keeping the minimal use of variant colours, changing it from eye-paining to eye-soothing website.

The next was to give it a theme of chemistry and making it look specific. And there came the particles.js in the picture. The particles floating around the upper section of homepage gave that missing essence of “chemistry” to the website. Not only they are floating but also they react to the movement of the cursor. To develop the server side of the code, without any doubt we chose Laravel 5.3 and to speed up the front end development we used jQuery.

As it is said that “The Rome was not built in a day”, this impeccable task was attained by beautiful imagination and incessant hard work of both, the designer and the developer.

The next challenging task was of making it efficient. For this, we needed to add admin panel and login feature for all users.

Earlier the CRUD actions were limited to the developer of the previous website. So every time a change in the content of the website was required, the developer himself was required to make those changes giving no data access authority to the admin. which was quite unfair.

To solve this, we have an admin panel giving the complete data access to the admin. And there came another crux of this project. That day we realized that organic chemistry was not only tough to understand but was also tough in incorporating its questions in quizzes containing double/triple bonds and various other formations.

Earlier a scanned copy of questions was used but that didn’t feed to our hunger of keeping it elegant and therefore we have an editor to frame and format the questions and their answers. This gave satisfaction to us and ease to admin for adding questions.

For the target audience, we added dashboard. After log into their respective profiles, they can revise, take quizzes, analyze their performance and evaluate their growth topic wise, day wise and month wise.

This feature will not only facilitate students for improving their area of weakness but also can be helpful for their guardian to understand in which areas their ward needs to put extra efforts.

You can visit the final front website at

Your feedback is welcomed, please comment and point out our mistakes or lacking, as this will encourage us to raise our standards and improve consistently.